What We Produce

Pasture Raised Chicken

chickenOur pasture raised chickens live outdoors and are moved daily to ensure they always have fresh forage.

In addition to grazing pastures free from chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, we provide a customised, non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic free grain mix.




Pasture Raised Beef

IMG_6909Our cattle graze on natural pasture, free from chemical fertilisers.  We implement grazing management to ensure there is plenty of fresh forage to eat while also allowing previous areas to rest and recover.

Hormone free and with a natural diet of pasture, our lean beef has a taste that can’t be beaten.







Woodland Pork

wpid-20131110_091233.jpgOur heritage breed pigs are born and raised in the woodland areas of our farm.  We value their natural behaviours that allow us to organically control weeds and preserve native habitat.

Our Woodland Pork is wonderfully marbled with a superior quality of flavour .